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Joni Fischer-Jones at Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Clinic has been outstanding in assisting me in my recovery from two major accidents. After seeing countless medical practitioners who offered little real relief, Joni’s skill and experience created for me a simple technique that dropped my daily pain levels from a 8-9 to a 3-4. Too wonderful for words…she gave me my life back. Recently, I was injured again, requiring more surgery and rehabilitation. I was so delighted that Laurelhurst was on my insurance plan. Joni, Molly, Brenda, have all been so helpful and kind. They helped me learn to walk again. They really listened to me. Look up professional excellence and you will find their photos. They are simply the best!

thank you! Trish

I have known and been treated by Joni for several years, for a chronic neck and back problem-----she keeps me moving. I'm very thankful for her services, and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving early. Joan

Suzanne sensitively helped me with my women's health issue, and when she discovered I was living with intense, chronic back pain from traumatic injuries, she had the will and insight to find what years of previous providers did not; she relieved me of much pain and put me on the path to recovery. Suzanne's also proactive in my general health and she has referred me to other providers who now form my circle of caring professionals. Thank you, Suzanne, for your kindness and knowledgeable service.

thank you!! mary

I can't tell you how much better I feel. you are always so great at being both a detective and a healer. thank you for always surrounding yourself with the best body work people and for taking such good care of me!! I would just live out there if I could!!! 'til next time!


Joni and Angie helped me change a lot of my daily and nightly habits by training me to understand the connection between my car injuries and a lot of bad work and sleep habits. In addition, every visit helped me gain more strength and stability, and I learned a lot more about how I can consciously work and play better everyday.


Highly recommend Laurelhurst Physical Therapy. As a healthcare professional I have had extensive experience and continued contact with physical therapists. I have found Laurelhurst PT to be superior in every way.

Hope B. LPN

Thank you so much for presenting at the classified Connections Workshop. I loved your enthusiasm and I know the participants truly appreciated your class.

Thank You!
Pam Micek

I used to sit at home and think I am going to get worse and worse until I got so bad and just die.

But Now I feel different!
I have hope and I am doing things I've never thought I would do again. I am even getting interested in exercise, first time in my life.

Thank you, Suzanne and Emily.
By patient Adele S. Shepard

Joni you relieved that spinning sensation in my head! I have felt just fine since I saw you ... YOU ROCK!!! I skated even more today and had no residual dizziness after practice and usually it lasts a few hours. SOOO greatful to God for you on many levels!


This was the best PT I have ever had..would highly recommend!

Will miss all of you.
Mary W.

I drive from the Dalles to come to Laurelhurst P.T. Everyone here is wonderful and fantastic. I appreciate everyone and how they are trying to help me. Definitely worth it for me to drive here for treatment.

Heather Runyon
Patient of Dr. Catherine Ellison, Neurologist

The perfect balance of knowledge, professionalism, and compassion.

Cori Walter
Patient of Dr. Steve Brenneke, Orthopedic Surgeon

Very appreciative of professionalism and willingness to be patient with me. I feel 100% better. I wish my doctor had referred me here first.

Daniel Shaw
CEO of Amazin Entertainment
Patient of Dr. Frances Verzosa

Joni and Laurelhust Physical Therapy have been a fantastic partner with Reflex Clinic. They have been incredibly supportive and responsive to us and our patient's needs. They continue to be instrumental in our ability to provide exeptional care in the management of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Dr. Gregory Carroll
Reflex Clinic, Portland OR

My daughter was referred to Laurelhurst Physical Therapy to see Suzanne Trebnick for pelvic floor muscle therapy. When we met Suzanne both of us noticed her kindness and compassion. She was able to make what felt uncomfortable and vulnerable, feel safe and comfortable. Suzanne, through her gentle approach, was able to create an environment that nurtured relaxation and my daughter was able to become aware of habits of holding and through this awareness learn how to let go of this tension. We both feel she has a unique gift in her approach as a physical therapist.


Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Clinic, LLC, Portland, OR


Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Clinic, LLC has three convenient locations including our East Burnside Clinic, our NW Portland satellite clinic at the Sunset Athletic Club, and our newest site in Downtown Portland at the Westside Athletic Club, which allows us to serve the greater Portland Oregon area including Wilsonville, Beaverton, McMinnville, Gladstone, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Vancouver & Longview. We consider it both an honor and a privilege to assist dedicated physicians in the treatment of their patients physical therapy needs. At its best, physical therapy is both a science and an art. Our goal is to provide a healing environment and practice physical therapy at the highest possible level.

Laurelhurst PT specializes in many areas of therapy including therapeutic exercise, joint mobilization/stabilization, spinal mobilization/stabilization, scapular mobilization/stabilization, strain/counterstain, craniosacral therapy, soft tissue mobilization/myofascial release, Graston® Technique, Pilates Reformer & Chair, Biofeedback/Relaxation Training, Headache Managment, Physical Capacity Evaluation, Inclinometer testing, Aquatic Therapy, Posture & Back Care instructions, Iontophoresis, Laser, Ultrasound /Phonophoresis, Electrical Stimulation/TENS, Traction: Cervical/Lumbar, Incontinence/Pelvic Floor Pain, Pregnancy Treatment, TMD Evaluation/Treatment, Custom orthotics, Kinesio Taping, Ergonomic Job Site Evaluation.

Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Clinic, LLC provides all types of professional health services from head to toe. A variety of services are offered to improve and increase your physical health.

We are a training and educational facility for P.T. students interested in learning manual therapy skills, and for P.T. assistants and volunteers who are interested in exploring P.T. as a career.

To notify our clinic of a cancellation, please email . Kindly give us 24 hour notice to avoid a cancellation fee.

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